Keeping Mum

23 02 2009

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Thankfully I have managed to reach the age of maturity without ever having to endure that particular conversation, familiar I think to the majority of the population, that starts “Son, sit down – I want to talk to you about sex.” Read the rest of this entry »


Video made the political star

15 02 2009

published in Nouse, May 13th 2008

Jennifer O’Mahony looks at the students who have harnessed the potential of YouTube as a means of campaigning

We all know YouTube as the site where you can find videos of pandas sneezing, or of idiotic teenagers filming themselves falling off skateboard ramps.

However, a new generation of students and activists are harnessing the potential of YouTube not as mindless entertainment but as an immediate and effective medium for campaigning and raising awareness on student issues and societies. Read the rest of this entry »

Fear not the rainbow-wielding maniacs

15 02 2009

This article was published in the University of York’s Guardian award-winning newspaper Nouse on 28th October 2008.

Student politics is a messy business. So much time and effort is put into apparently noble causes which tend either to be entirely ineffectual, or to get distracted from their initial purpose. Too often the things that make a difference to people’s lives are left behind while campus bandwagons roll down the road of irrelevant hysteria. Anybody familiar with the name Fletcher-Hackwood will know what I mean. Read the rest of this entry »

The beckoning call of student politics

15 02 2009

This article was published in the University of York’s Guardian award-winning newspaper Nouse on 18th October 2008

The University of York’s political scene is one of the most active and exciting in the country. There is a raft of societies, activities, events, and publications which provide for pretty much all political appetites.

Student politics has a reputation for being charged with excitement, intensity, and passion. Read the rest of this entry »

Kicking Leaves

15 02 2009

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One of the great challenges for every privately educated schoolboy is to extract some piece of clear thinking from the many sermons, of varying quality, delivered in Chapel. Even the keenest of minds and most attentive of ears may prove insufficient. My experience of this, at a classic Anglican boarding school in the surreal world of Cheltenham, was typical. Most weekdays, and very often on Sunday mornings, we would be herded (anybody who has experienced the practice themselves will know that ‘herded’ is indeed the correct word) into the ranks of pews to sit and be given some valuable piece of advice for life.

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Losing Faith

2 02 2009

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Earlier this week, for just a few brief moments, a small town in Oxfordshire became the most important place in the world. More important, even, than the White House where, the new President was signing into law his very first piece of legislation. At least, that’s the impression you will have got if you were watching any news channel on Thursday lunchtime. And, perhaps they were right. The pictures they were broadcasting were covering the funeral of Bill Stone, who died earlier this month.  

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