Stripping Off

26 04 2009

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Summer can be a most distressing time of year for many people. York has, this week, been smothered with heat, warmth and sunshine, and I have been reminded of just how unpleasant that sort of weather really is.

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Being Human

19 04 2009

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From time to time we are all astonished by the capacity of humankind, seemingly ever-expanding to greater and greater extremes.

Behind all the cynicism and flippant accusations of steroids, who could fail to be impressed by Usain Bolt’s casual shredding of the World Sprint Record at the Beijing Olympics last year?

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Snouts in the trough

12 04 2009

Another article published in Nouse, the University of York’s much-praised newspaper:

For the first time in too many weeks than I care to calculate, the Sunday Newspapers appear to be void of any scandal surrounding some MP’s expense claim or other. The many thousands of print words, and broadcast hours that have been spent on this issue is a disgrace to the newspaper industry, and a damning indictment on our political system.

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Baking Cake

11 04 2009

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2009 happens to be the five hundredth anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession to the throne of England. No doubt we will all be celebrating this in our own particular ways. I am yet to firm up my plans, but I see several others have already taken the initiative and are cashing in on the event. Hampton Court have a summer full of Henrician activities to look forward to. The Tower of London have just Read the rest of this entry »