Spotting Talent

31 05 2009

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Good morning,

As one eminent broadcaster has suggested, this week has dominated by parasites and plebiscites. He didn’t go on to suggest what particular news stories he was referring to, but I’m sure we all have a pretty good idea.

Last night I was pleased to be able to settle down in front the Britain’s Got Talent final, Read the rest of this entry »


David Davis – what politicians should be about

22 05 2009

I’ve just sat in on a talk by David Davis MP hosted by the University of York Conservative and Unionist Association. As with too many of these talks, there was no title for the talk/debate – just the name of the speaker. Still, I come out of the session with rather a lot of respect for Davis. Read the rest of this entry »

Revolting Rabbits

17 05 2009

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Alistair Cooke, the veteran broadcaster who died just a few years ago, had a wonderful and remarkable life. He was born in 1908 at Salford in Lancashire. He was educated at Jesus College, Cambridge and received a Commonwealth fund fellowship shortly after. This enabled him to study at Yale and Harvard universities in the United States – a country with which he very shortly fell in love. Read the rest of this entry »

MPs’ Expenses

10 05 2009

A rather weak radio letter this week I’m afraid – Alistair Cooke never had dissertation deadlines and finals revision to cope with!

Unfortunately all my guff about ecclesiastical footwear (which in retrospect seems an appalling idea) and my vow to avoid politics in the letters meant that there was no space for a word on MPs’ expenses, so…

I have for years tried to defend politics, our political sys Read the rest of this entry »

Dressing Up

10 05 2009

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Human relationships are a complicated affair, as any sociologist is bound to tell you so that he or she might justify their existence. Very often the realm of personal interaction can be a Read the rest of this entry »

Logging On

3 05 2009

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Her Majesty the Queen has, we are told, sent an e-mail to a number of young people in the commonwealth congratulating them on the blogs they wrote to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of that institution. Well, where do we start on this one?

We could begin a conversation about the reliability of the media. It was reported in Read the rest of this entry »

CEYC Meeting 25th April

2 05 2009

On 25th April I had the privilege of representing the Diocese of York at a meeting of the Church of England Youth Council.

The Council met in Leeds for a day packed with discussions about the Church Youth strategy, youth problems associated with the recession and the Anglican Communion. You can read a copy of the minutes here.

In keeping with the greatest of Anglican traditions, one of the highlights of the day was the extensive lunch provided. More than anything, though, it was a great opportunity to meet some great people.