Synod consultation

6 07 2009

I’m delighted to have been invited to join the CEYC observer group at this weekend’s Synod. The General Synod is a sort of parliament for the Church of England, and debates all sorts of things ranging from the theological to the liturgical and the administrative. Ironically, the July meeting of the Synod is always held in York, so just a few days after leaving the place I’m going back to stay in Goodricke College for a few nights!

This Synod is going to be dominated by the Church’s reaction to the recession – how the Church itself makes the economies, and what changes we need to make to our mission.

I will only be watching the debates themselves, but will be pulling out all the stops on the networking front. The senior church types tend to take what us young ‘uns say quite seriously, so I would appreciate any thoughts you have on church matters.

What more can we be doing to attract young people in?

How do we adapt to make sure we are relevant in the modern world

Any guidance would be gratefully received.




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