Kneeling Down

19 09 2010

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It is said to be the oldest profession in the world. This is a phrase that has always lacked, for me, a certain legitimacy. Presumably there are other forms of human employment which pre-date the exchange of sex for material gain. The provision of food, say? Or perhaps protection. Then again, Read the rest of this entry »


Synod Elections 2010

13 09 2010

For anybody who wasn’t satisfied by the thrill of the General Election earlier this year, do not panic! The Church of England is ready to top up your annual measure of electoral goodness.

The General Synod (the Church’s Parliament) is having elections this autumn and I’m standing to represent the Manchester Diocese in the House of Laity. Manchester has a great tradition of sending heavyweight members to General Synod, and I would like to add to that by providing a fresh perspective on the issues being faced by the national church.

You can read my Synod Election Address here, or e-mail me: with any questions you may have.