Synod Success

14 10 2010

I’m delighted to report that the good electors of the Manchester deaneries have elected me to represent the diocese on General Synod.

The whole process of election is a rather peculiar one all-in-all. A ghost campaign was carried out largely through e-mail and a posted (snail mail) Election Address. Once the votes were in, the counting got underway and results dribbled in from across the country. Peter Owen took on Jeremy Vine’s role here.

Lots of people have been very sweet and congratulated me, saying how pleased they are to see more young voices on Synod (although at 23 it looks like I won’t be the youngest!).

Looking forward, I’m excited to be able to put forward a slightly different perspective on church politics. The campaign was overwhelmingly dominated by the issue of women bishops – not just in Manchester, but across the country. I hope and pray that the next quinquennium will see the issue finally put to bed, so that we can get on with the really important issues facing the church:

  • making our institutions relevant to a 21st Century congregation;
  • putting forward a strong Christian message in public life;
  • working to minimise the impact of the public sector cuts on the worst-off society.

Synod is due to be inaugurated by the Queen in November. I hope that before then, every Synod member takes the time to speak to a few people who are not currently engaged by the Church’s message. It would be good to know where the women bishops issue lies in their priorities.




One response

16 10 2010
Laura Davenport

Hello there – congratulations!
I just came across your comment, and I can tell you that you won’t be the youngest there, I was also voted in and I’m only 22!

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