Election Success

14 11 2010

Finally the campaign embargo has expired, and I can splurge all over the internet! Last night, at the Teach First conference, I was elected to serve as Participant President for 2010/11.

The job is a peculiar one and I can’t think of any parallels. It’s  a little bit like a Student Union President, in that I will be representing the participants on the scheme and implementing a few policies the formed my campaign. In other ways, it is quite different as there is quite a bit external role, representing the charity to sponsors, political folk etc.

I must confess to being a little overwhelmed by the whole thing last night, so have recorded a quick clip to say what I wanted to say but didn’t:


Video made the political star

15 02 2009

published in Nouse, May 13th 2008

Jennifer O’Mahony looks at the students who have harnessed the potential of YouTube as a means of campaigning

We all know YouTube as the site where you can find videos of pandas sneezing, or of idiotic teenagers filming themselves falling off skateboard ramps.

However, a new generation of students and activists are harnessing the potential of YouTube not as mindless entertainment but as an immediate and effective medium for campaigning and raising awareness on student issues and societies. Read the rest of this entry »

A hard pill to swallow for atheists

15 05 2008

This is a summary of an introduction I gave for a ‘Thinking & Drinking’ session in May 2008.

Throughout History, Religion has been responsible for some of the darkest moments in mankind’s conscience. Whereas the Twentieth Century might be seen by some in the future as a period ‘light-relief’ from religiously-motivated violence and destruction, the Twenty-First is already seeing its Read the rest of this entry »