26 11 2012

The Thinking Anglicans website have very kindly put together the voting roster with dioceses attached here. Members of the Manchester diocese may be interested to note how many of their representatives voted against the measure in the House of Laity.



Cutting With Compassion

20 11 2010

“The Church is neither an arm of opposition, nor is it a wing of government” said the Bishop of Manchester to the diocesan Synod this morning.
The theme of his presidential address was compassion. He expressed his discomfort with the current political fashion for ‘fairness’, saying instead that we should be motivated by compassion. We should be biased – towards the poor, for they need our help.

Soon we will start to see how the Church makes it’s voice heard on the matter of cuts. If Bishop Nigel is anything to go by, it could be an interesting one.