Youth Unemployment – how the CofE can help

22 11 2012

During what was an unquestionably disastrous group of session in London, the General Synod did have a few redeeming moments. One was a debate about youth unemployment, and how the Church of England might be well placed to respond.

We started with a video from the Church Urban Fund, who have produced the report “I’m one in a million“.

The motion of the debate was as follows:

That this Synod, mindful of the corrosive effect of unemployment on
young people, their future prospects and social integration, and
recognising that economic policy solutions alone cannot tackle the
problems without strong networks and initiatives in the community at
(a) encourage parishes and church groups to listen to the voices of
unemployed young people, both locally and through reports such as
“I Am One in a Million”, and
(b) commend and encourage the multiplication of church and
community initiatives which can provide training and other support to
assist young people into work and help them manage the experience
of unemployment without despair.


This was my contribution:


Snouts in the trough

12 04 2009

Another article published in Nouse, the University of York’s much-praised newspaper:

For the first time in too many weeks than I care to calculate, the Sunday Newspapers appear to be void of any scandal surrounding some MP’s expense claim or other. The many thousands of print words, and broadcast hours that have been spent on this issue is a disgrace to the newspaper industry, and a damning indictment on our political system.

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