The consequences of the women bishops vote start to roll in

7 12 2012

gay-churchs600x600The Prime Minister has just announced that the government’s legislation introducing marriage for same-sex couples will include provision for religious organisations to host such ceremonies. This is a small shift in the detail of the legislation, but it represents a deeper readjustment of the government’s view towards the Church of England, and it is a direct consequence of the Women Bishops vote in November.

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The Christian message has been lost in the gay marriage debate

12 03 2012

If Christians want to be heard in a debate about Gay marriage, they must think more carefully before they speak.

The church should never feel obliged to follow fashions, and keep in step with popular opinion. We forget at our peril that Christ made himself deeply unpopular – his message was so controversial that our ancestors were moved to crucify him.

Far from feeling intimidated when it seems the masses disagree, Christians should step up to the public platform and use the gospel to present challenging questions about the nature of our society.

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